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Valle Vecchia

Valle Vecchia island, name given to the Brussa by European Community as acknowledgment of very important natural place, is surrounded with marine, lagoon and fluvial waters, is made of sandy beach, dunes, pinewoods, pools and fields, habitat suitable for various animals and vegetables species. It extends between Bibione and Caorle in Venetia shoreline for approximately 9 km.

Vallevecchia Vallevecchia

Vallevecchia currently known is the result of many transformations done during the past century, such as the great reclamation of the swampy lands and the breaking up for agriculture and the successive pinewood planting in order to protect the cultivated fields. Just the presence of the pinewood has changed the Venetia shoreline and its microclimate and, of course, its vegetation variety.

Vallevecchia Vallevecchia

During the last few years, thanks to European Community support, Valle Vecchia island has been characterized by great environmental works, such as the introduction of new vegetable variety and the increasing of agricultural plots. The rich flora variety has caused consequently the increment of fauna populations.

Heron swan

Many and different are the environmental situations of Valle Vecchia, each one with a particular vegetation and with a lot of animal species. There are various didactic routes to promote Valle Vecchia, that allow the visitors to know the beauties of this uncontaminated place.

Yellow-legged gull Bean goose

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