Residenza Case Are

Residenza Case Are

Nature and art


casoni swan

In Brussa pinewood a lot of activities are practicable, such as bird watching, riding on horseback, walking in the nature on the didactic beaten tracks and making bicycle excursions. The wide lagoon, with its enchanting little lakes and ship canals, allows fans all kinds of fishing, from boats and from “casoniâ€, the typical huts of Venetia fishermen. nature nature

sport Vallevecchia view from above is spectacular. Next to Case Are residence there's a ultralight airs landing field.
For sport fishing lovers are available Captain Igloo's services.

horse Brussa beach allows, besides the activities typical of summer holidays at the seaside, different kind of fishing, sailing and boat excursions and during the winter when Bora blows (north wind from Trieste that sweeps the gulf) it's possible doing surfing and kite-surfing.

Case Are residence offers to the guests a slide for boats and many mooring wharves and a large parking area for means of transport.

boat docking

Vallevecchia means not only nature, but also culture and tradition.

venice Few people know that Ernest Hemingway (Nobel prize for literature 1954), has lived some periods of his intense life in this beautiful site about which he tells in his book "Di là  dal fiume e tra gli alberi".

Concordia Sagittaria Geographically Brussa is positioned in a strategic place that allows to reach easily some artistic cities of world wide reputation, such as Venice, Trieste and other archaeological ones risen caused to ancient Roman Empire, such as Aquileia and Concordia Sagittaria.