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Mazarack Veneto region, above all Venice province, is rich of simple and genuine foods.
In Brussa countries there are the tradition of dialectics, of eating well and drinking better. There are many restaurants offering typical foods mostly made up of fish and fresh homemade products.

frying "da Mazarack"restaurant is very characteristic: easy reachable, close to Brussa canal, it's equipped with a large slide for boats, many mooring wharves and even with a landing field for little airs. Typical appetizers are served, such as "sarde in saor" and fried mixed fishes of lagoon with traditional "polenta"!

Near to Brussa, there's a known DOC wine zone, the Lison Pramaggiore wines. Thanks to the presence of many vitivinicole companies, you may taste and buy different typical wines.

Stewed eel